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is produced by
Smalltalked Visuals GmbH
Willy-Brandt-Allee 31c
23554 Lübeck

Interactive elements

Some elements of the graphics can be interactive: some can be moved with the mouse and some texts can be edited. The following describes the details for these interactions.

Interactive elements indicate their abilities when the mouse is in the graphics area: movable elements show a shadow and editable texts are underlined.

When the mouse is over an interactive element, the mouse cursor changes to something appropriate.

Sometimes an element can be moved AND edited which cannot be indicated at the same time. In this case, a tooltip text appears with information about the possible actions.

Movable elements

A movable element is indicated by a shadow when the mouse in in the graphics area.

When the mouse is over the element, the cursor changes from the standard arrow to an arrow with a rectangle.

Movable text
Movable text without and with shadow
Standard drag cursor
Drag cursor

The handling is as usual: click on the element to grab it, move the mouse with the left button held down to move it. Release the mouse button where you want the element to be placed.

Editable texts

Editable text lines are underlined and indicate the justification: left, right or centered.
Text lines can be unbounded or bounded as shown in the second line of the example.

If the text is wider than the bounds, the text will be displayed in red. Even if a text is too wide and shown in red on the screen, the final graphics in the PDF will be printed always in the correct color.

Editable texts
Editable texts

A click activates the editing and an input field appears. The text in the input field uses the default appearance of the font. Any kerning or horizontal scaling will not show in the input field so that the text may appear different from the graphics.

The following keys have (the usual) special meaning:
[tab] moves to the next field and selects all the text in it
[shift-tab] moves to the previous field
[return] accepts the changes and leaves the input field
[ESC] cancels the editing and leaves the field

A click outside of the field has the same effect as a [return]: the changes are accepted and the input field disappears.